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Hagao Potter Series Stickers (Set Of 4 Books)

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If you're a Harry Potter fan, this series is for you. Featuring the Dimsum Steam Team as characters from Harry Potter in scenes from first four books, these stickers will make you feel as if you're reliving the series all over again. I love HP so much I couldn't fit all the scenes I wanted to do on one sheet, so voilà!

(1) Hagao Potter & The Sorcerer's Bun
(2) Hagao Potter & The Steamer Of Secrets
(3) Hagao Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkabun
(4) Hagao Potter & The Steamer Of Fire

 4 sticker sheets
STICKER SIZE: Each sticker is about 0.5"-2.5" width and 0.5"-2" height 
SHEET SIZE: 3.5" x 4.25"
PAPER: Luxe matte sticker paper (aka the "vinglossicorn" paper - vinyl, glossy, and unicorn!)

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