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Hi dumplings! This presale is an opportunity for you to order the stamp sets you want stress-free, without worrying any designs will sell out! Thanks so much for participating. Please read the below before placing your order:

❤️ The presale starts on Monday 3/11 at 9AM EST and ends on Sunday 3/17 at 9PM EST.

❤️ STAMPS WILL SHIP 6-7 WEEKS AFTER PRESALE END DATE! You may order other items with your presale order, but if you do, your entire order will ship at the same time.

❤️ You may use promo codes on the stamps if you have them!

❤️ There are 12 designs total - 8 throwbacks and 4 new sets.

❤️ Each stamp set will be offered at a sale price of $12USD during the presale ($14USD normally), AND you’ll be able to order all 12 stamp sets for a total of $120 ($10 each) BECAUSE...

💜 With part of the proceeds, we will be benefiting The Cosmos Summit, a historical gathering of 500 Asian women creators in New York where we'll be imagining a world where we ALL can flourish and thrive. I am hoping to support their crowdfund campaign at one of the sponsor levels — which will allow me to create a unique branded experience featuring the Steam Team that’ll introduce new dimsum lovers to our dumpling family in a fun way :) It’s one of my greatest joys to be able to combine Wonton In A Million with all of the things I care about — so thank you so much for joining me to support an organization dedicated to helping women step into their power and potential. A portion of the presale from the upcoming week will go toward The Cosmos' crowdfunding campaign!

P.S. If you want to support the Summit directly and/or to attend, please head on over to their campaign site!



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