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DB002 Journaling Card

Besties 5x7" Journaling Cards (Set Of 5)

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A set of 5 gold foiled 5x7 journaling cards with original illustrations featuring besties Steamie and Suey, meant to be passed back and forth between you and your bestie! On the back of each card you’ll find a different question that I hope you’ll enjoy reflecting on. When you’re done answering them, invite a friend to answer them too! I hope that these are mementos of friendship that you can keep in your planners, that the questions bring a bit of joy, gratitude, and perspective to your life—and that they'll encourage you to share a bit more of your innermost world with someone you care about! <3

Nouveau thick card stock, with gold foil
SIZE: 5"x7"

THE INSPIRATION: A few years ago, my best friend Ellen and I shared a Moleskine journal (in the first photo), in which we answered questions for each other like “What’s one thing you think everyone should do before they die?”, “What is the nicest thing you’ve ever said to someone?”, and “What was the last thing you did out of love?” We would pass it back and forth, taking turns writing, sharing, reading. It gave us tremendous comfort to know there was someone out there who kept our innermost fears, dreams, and happinesses safe. That notebook is one of my most treasured possessions. These "Back and Forth" dashboards are inspired by it.
FUN ALTERNATE EXERCISE: You can also answer the questions the way you imagine Steamie and Suey would. ;)

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