Presale items will ship in 4-6 weeks! Please be aware that if you order other items, your entire order will ship together.

PRESALE: Please Read

I am so SO excited to finally release the Hagao Potter Washi Collection (Books 1-4). These have been requested for so long! This presale is to enable everyone who wants to get their hands on it a chance to shop stress-free. By participating in the presale, you agree to these terms:

⚡️ Your order will SHIP IN 4-6 WEEKS. I expect everything will be out the door by the third week of November, and will keep you updated via Instagram and Facebook as to when orders will likely start and end shipping. The earliest should be the week of November 5 and the latest should be the week of November 19.
⚡️ There is no quantity limit since this is a presale.
⚡️ You may order other items with your presale order - but your entire order will ship at the same time.
⚡️ There are no refunds, and orders cannot be combined or split.
⚡️ Please make sure your address is correct before checking out. If you need to update your address, shoot me an email at as soon as you know.
⚡️ You may use any promo codes you've redeemed via giveaways, our Dumpling rewards program, or your Top 10 FB contributor code if you have that. (There are no other active codes at the moment.)



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