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We love talking dimsum, nerding out over stationery, and sharing our story with fellow dimsum and stationery lovers. Please reach out via this form or email us at cynthia@wontoninamillion.com with any media inquiries.

As Featured In

Ring in Lunar New Year with Goods From These Four New York Designers
NY Daily News
, February 2018
"Since launching in 2015, Wonton in a Million has captured the attention of Etsy shoppers with cards featuring punny phrases like "You're the Only Bun for Me" and "Souper Together." The popular stationery line is the brainchild of Chinatown native Cynthia Koo, who came up with the idea while waiting for takeout at her dad's restaurant. ... The pun-filled designs are Koo's way of showcasing her culture in a fun, approachable manner and it seems to be working — Wonton in a Million was recently picked up by the famed Pearl River Mart."

Humans of Chinatown
Wing On Wo, January 2018
"There’s this Cantonese word my parents used to call me when I was younger: ‘yum sing’. The way I interpret it is that you are a little rebellious, but you are also very strong-headed and go your own way. Given the backdrop of Asian expectations for Asian children, especially first generation Asian Americans, I found that [yum sing] has served me the best in getting me to a place that I’m really happy about. I’ve always done what my heart wanted me to do. I tried to studying economics for a little bit and realized I hated it. I’ve always been very interested in the arts. My first love was writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always done design. Those are all things that I’m able to do now; I’m very grateful for that. Maybe it’s like precociousness. I don’t know what the English translation is or if there even is one."

Cynthia Koo of Wonton In A Million: Making A Childhood Dream Come True
Pearl River Mart
December 2017
"I would love to do something with Pixar! I want to spend the next year thinking about doing different things entirely outside my comfort zone: a comic series or animated shorts with the Steam Team (which is what I call my dim sum characters). The characters have taken on a life of their own with distinct personalities and life stories so it seems like those would be a natural progression. Plus I'd be able to really push my creative limits and learn new skills that I've always wanted to learn."

You Win Some, You Dimsum: Afternoon Tea with the Founder Of Wonton In A Million
Project Kintsugi, 
October 2017
"When asked about the changing landscape of Chinatown restaurants, Cynthia was visibly conflicted. 'Chinatown has been very different after 9/11. Communities are moving to Flushing. We see that the restaurants that thrive now are the ones that are active on social media and are able to tell a story.'"

Dimsum Stories Told Through Cartoon Illustrations
World Journal, June 2017
"Cynthia Koo grew up in the dim sum restaurant that her father runs in Chinatown. So she loves dim sum. And she happened to become a professional designer. That’s where “Wonton In A Million” comes from. The brand that Koo created by turning dim sum dishes into cartoon images now appears in various forms from stickers and postcards to T-shirts. And it is getting increasingly popular. Koo said she is glad to help promote Chinese cuisine together with her brand. “Some of my customers were attracted to the cute cartoons first, and then from there went to try dim sum for the first time,” said Koo on June 15 at the Museum of Chinese in America as the first guest of MOCA Shop Talk."

Featured Shop: Wonton In A Million
Pretty Office Things
"Who would’ve thought a simple idea could create a light bulb moment and turn into a brilliant success! This wonton-of-a-kind Etsy shop proves it all! Growing up in the city that never sleeps, Cynthia Koo saw her father run their dim sum restaurant, the Oriental Garden. And she was amazed by her father’s hard work and commitment to the restaurant."

Wonton In A Million: Puns, Buns, and Tons Of Fun 
Sinovision English Channel, August 2016
"Bao down to the queen of Chinese food puns! Cynthia Koo is putting a cute twist on puns and dim sum with her line, Wonton in a Million. The designer is hoping to introduce Chinese culture to American consumers in the punniest way possible."

It's All A'Bao That Bass with Wonton In A Million
Good Ideas Grow On Trees
, November 2015
"Everything Wonton In A Million communicates is so upbeat and fun. Especially when the world seems to gets messier each day, I find it incredibly soothing to read Cynthia’s dimsum puns, and look at her stylish dim-sum pictures on Insta. "

Wonton In A Million: Chinatown Native Creates Punny Dimsum Cards
Christina Of Chinatown
, June 2015
"I remember Saturday Chinese classes followed by games of hide and seek at the factory where my mom was a seamstress. I remember fishballs drizzled in hoisin and peanut butter sauce and I remember my favorite days were when my mom would let my brother and me have some on our way home. I remember when I had my first CICF ice cream cake!! And it kind of blew my mind because I realized that not all cakes had to be spongy and yellow…"

Interview with Cynthia Koo, All Abao Making Things That Matter (In Business And Life)

In Business And Life, May 2015
"I became fascinated with what I could accomplish by doing a little bit of something everyday. Since then, I’ve broken down every goal, every habit I want to build into chunks of daily (or sometimes weekly) actions. Last year, I committed to learning how to draw by drawing one thing every day. This year, I’m making my way through a longstanding backlog of design projects by doing a little bit of work (nearly) every day. “Build a better relationship with my parents” has become “Go out to dinner with them at least once a week.” “Learn how to do a headstand” is “practice getting into a headstand 5 times every day.” I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the range of things that can be broken down into daily or weekly chunks of action."



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