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Wonton Upon A Time: Wonton Turns Four - November 9, 2019

Wonton Upon A Time: Wonton's Fourth Birthday!

Every year since I started Wonton In A Million, I have hosted a dimsum party to celebrate our shop anniversary. In year 1, we celebrated with "Wonton Turns Wonton." We partied like it was a one-year-old's birthday, complete with party hats and coloring pages and crafting stations. In year 2, our party was galaxy themed, "Wonton Turns Two Infinity And Beyond." That year, we had a giant Wonton astronaut piñata, held an out-of-this-world costume contest, and I quit my full-time job to hopefully take Wonton In A Million "two infinity and beyond." In year 3, we launched our plushies with a carnival-themed party, "The Dumpling Brothers Presents: The Greatest Chow On Earth."

We are now in year 4. “Once upon a time” is the beginning of a lot of great stories. Even though we are already four years into Wonton In A Million, I still feel like we are still just getting started. So this year for Wonton's 4th birthday party, our theme is . . . (drumroll please!) . . . Wonton Upon A Time! "Wonton Upon A Time" represents my hope that we are still at the beginning of a great story for Wonton In A Million—a story that will be full of magic, and whimsy, and dreams come true. And of course, wonderful, elaborate parties like this one with all of you! 😊 Come celebrate Wonton's fourth birthday with me in New York City. Make sure you come on an empty stomach, dress up to pay tribute to your favorite great story (because we're gonna have a costume contest!), and be ready for a dimsum feast!


An enchanted "Wonton Upon A Time" party for Wonton In A Million's 4th shop anniversary!!

This party is for you if you want to spend a fun night eating dimsum and enjoying the company of other dimsum lovers and planner girls and boys! :)

November 9, 2019

Jing Fong Restaurant
20 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10013

Ticket sales start April 9, 2019, 9AM EST

Tickets will go on sale this year on the date of my actual shop anniversary, Tuesday, April 9 at 9AM EST, and they will be $150 for adults. There will be a very limited number of tickets for kids under 13 for half price at $75.

$150 for adults
$75 for children under 13

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 9AM EST
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Tickets will go on sale right here at wontoninamillion.com

No limit, but I will email you to ask for all of the names of your guests


  • A 12+ course DIMSUM dinner. If last year was any indication, you will (egg)roll out of the venue at the end of the night ;) One of my favorite parts about working on Wonton In A Million is being able to share a beloved part of my culture with all of you: dimsum! If it’s your first time trying the Cantonese version of brunch, this will be a GREAT time and place for it, because not only will you have people around you who can guide you through it, our venue is one of the most popular dimsum restaurants in Chinatown!
  • Hours of partying with your fellow planners! We will have a dance floor this year! :)
  • Our full anniversary box as your swag. Your swag bag will include everything that will go in our anniversary box this year. The theme of the box will, of course, be “Wonton Upon A Time,” and it will go on sale in the shop at around the same time as our party. You, however, will be getting it in your swag bag! (For reference, our box from last year cost $72 at retail, and contained $153 worth of planner goodies.) 
  • In addition to WIAM swag, you’ll also be getting your table swag! Not only will we all dress up to match the party theme, your favorite planner shops will be sponsoring our tables, and they will each be choosing a different great story—a favorite fairytale, movie, or bookas their table theme. Our table sponsors last year KILLED it! I'm sure they will again this year. If you want to check out some of our table themes and decor from last year's carnival party, take a look at the photo album in our Facebook group!
  • 5 raffle tickets will be included with your ticket as well. We’ll have two types of raffle prizes: some big, individual prizes, and some specially curated, themed raffle baskets with prizes from a variety of shops! For example, we might do a “To Infinity & Beyond” galaxy-themed basket. We might do a wizarding themed basket. ;) With your tickets, you’ll be able to choose which prizes you want to win, which means that at the end of the night, you will only go home with items you’ll really love and use!
  • In addition to 5 raffle tickets, you'll also get 5 voting tickets for the costume contest. Throughout the night, you’ll vote on who has the best costume by giving a ticket to the person or the group you think should win. At the end of the night, we’ll shout out the winners for both the best group costume and best individual costume, and of course, the winners will get a prize! :D 

The Menu

Our menu will consist of a won-ton of dumplings and buns and other bite-sized foods to give you the full dimsum experience. We will have vegetarian dishes. Please note we cannot accommodate individual food preferences as the menu is pre-set with the venue.

Hagao Shrimp Dumpling
Siu Mai Shrimp & Pork Dumpling
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling (V)
Steamed Pork Bun
Vegetable Spring Roll (V)
Fried Tofu (V)
Fried Pork & Vegetable Dumpling
Fried Pumpkin (V)​
Steamed Sticky Rice Wrapped Lotus Leaf
Turnip Cake
Sesame Ball (V)
Chinese Greens w. Fresh Garlic (V)
Nutella Bun (V)
Fortune Cookies (V)

(V) Vegetarian

Tea and soda are included
Cash bar available


We have hotel blocks at these two local Chinatown hotels for the nights of Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10. Use these links to book at our group rates (taxes and fees apply) or call the hotel and mention "Wonton In A Million Party":

Wyndham Garden
1 Queen Bed
*This hotel only has single bed rooms. (New York City, what can you do - space is limited ;))

Hotel 50 Bowery
Starting at $269USD/night for a 1 Deluxe King room, with rates increasing from there for other rooms
https://www.jdvhotels.com/hotels/new-york/nyc/hotel-50-bowery-nyc?corp_id=G-WONP (Type in dates, click on "Special Rate," click on "Corporate/Group," type in "G-WONP")

Hotel 50 Bowery is right next door to our venue. Wyndham Garden is a few blocks from the venue. You are, of course, welcome and encouraged to look up your own accommodations as well, as there are plenty of great and potentially cheaper options throughout NYC!


  1. HOW MANY TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE? There will be 300 spots total, including staff. This is 50% more than last year - when we had around 200 spots.
  2. WILL TICKETS SELL OUT QUICKLY? The short answer is - I am not sure! It has not sold out in seconds in past years, but they also don't stay up forever. Plus, there are more spots this year than in any of the previous years.
  3. WILL THERE BE VEGETARIAN FOOD OPTIONS? Yes, we have vegetarian dimsum dishes! Please scroll up to view our menu.
  4. CAN I BRING MY KIDS AND MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER? You can! Many people brought their family to our carnival party last year. The party will be at a Chinese banquet hall and is entirely family-friendly. Children's tickets are required for kids under twelve years old. General rule of thumb: if your little one needs their own seat, they will need a ticket.
  5. HOW DO TABLES WORK? Each table seats 10 people and will be sponsored by one of your favorite planner shops! You will choose a table to sit at when you enter the venue (you are not assigned a table and you will not choose ahead of time). That will be your home base for the night. Come with friends or make new ones!
  6. WHAT IF I'M COMING BY MYSELF? You are totally welcome! After you buy your tickets you'll be added to a Facebook group where you can get to know others who are coming, coordinate travel and lodging, and more. I would guess you will not be the only one coming by yourself! :)
  7. IS THE VENUE ACCESSIBLE? Yes, the venue has an elevator and an escalator. Our party is on the third floor.
  8. CAN I BYOB? Sorry! The venue does not allow BYOB. I asked. 🙈 We will have a cash bar.
  9. DO I HAVE TO DRESS UP? Of course not! Please do what makes you comfortable. :-)
  10. WHAT SHOULD I DRESS UP AS? Dress up as a character from your favorite fairytale, your favorite Disney movie, your favorite book. Really, you can be anything!! We are celebrating great stories and dimsum and the planner community that night. Come in something that makes you feel awesome 🙌🏻
  11. ARE THERE WORKSHOPS OR SPEAKERS? Nope! Our event is just a fun party :)
  12. CAN I REFUND MY TICKET IF I CAN NO LONGER MAKE IT? There are no refunds, but you are welcome to transfer/sell your ticket. Please contact us at party@wontoninamillion.com.
  13. CAN I SPONSOR THE EVENT? Yes, please! Please reach out to me and we'll figure out the best way for you to get involved. Shoot me an email at party@wontoninamillion.com or use the form below!

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